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Defective Equipment

Those who work in the agricultural industry have a strenuous job to perform on a daily basis. Each day, they work with equipment such as tractors, augers and mixers that can all pose a threat to their safety if they don't perform as they're supposed to. While some equipment gets recalled before it causes injury to farmers, other pieces of machinery can malfunction while a farmer is operating it. Farm equipment manufacturers have a duty to produce equipment that meets safety standards and that properly warns those who use it of the possible dangers. There are, of course, environmental factors that can cause equipment to function improperly. An obstruction can be caught in a rotating shaft, for example, which causes the machine to malfunction. Listed below is information on some of the most commonly-used types of agricultural machinery.

Common Types of Farm Equipment

An auger is a drilling device that can either be operated by hand or attached to a tractor, depending on the type. This drill bit can act as a way to drill holes in the ground as well as break up the sediment. Augers that accompany tractors are powered by the machine's power take-off. The revolving shafts of the auger can pose a serious threat to farmers. Shaft covers are typically required for machinery such as augers in order to prevent workers from becoming stuck.

Tractors are the number one type of equipment used on farms. It is not uncommon for tractors to be involved in rollover accidents. Another type of machine similar to the tractor is a skid-steer loader, which is an engine powered machine that can be outfitted with attachments such as augers, forks, grapples and even snow blowers. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), these machines should come equipped with interlocking and rollover protection to increase safety.

Mixer Grinders
This type of machine is used to mix and grind cattle feed. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) investigates farming accidents such as those involving mixer grinders. After a fatality or injury occurs, the NIOSH makes suggestions to the farming industry which include warnings like: those under the age of 16 should not operate mixer grinders, these machines should be place away from upper level work areas and additional warning labels should be implemented.

Silos & Blowers
A silo, in agriculture, is a large bin typically used to store grain. To fill the silo towers, workers use silo blowers. These blowers are large fans that move the material into the silo. The blowers are either powered by electric motors or by tractor. Workers can be injured by silo blowers due to dangerous parts and workers can also fall into silos and become asphyxiated. The CDC has made recommendations for safety based on past accidents.

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At Domina Law Group, we are passionate about farmer safety. When agricultural equipment causes a worker to become injured, our firm can investigate to see if a product defect was the cause, or possibly, if the safety standards for that type of equipment need to be changed. For example, some machines should be manufactured with automatic shut off technology, which could potentially decrease accidents. In the past, our firm has represented many individuals and grieving families after horrific injuries or death due to defective equipment. The damage resulting from these injuries and claimed lives are physical in nature as well as emotionally and financially jarring. These types of accidents can also cause significant damage to farming operations because of liability claims. If you or a loved one were harmed by defective farm equipment, then be sure to contact agricultural attorneys at our firm today!

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