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Economic Loss

Are you and your business suffering financially because of negligence? Domina Law Group pc llo has the experience you need to investigate the cause of your economic losses and fight so that you can recover them. There are a variety of different ways that farmers and ranchers can lose profits. Many of those factors are not the cause of the farmers themselves. The attorneys at Domina Law Group have their roots in the agricultural industry. We have a comprehensive understanding of this industry as well as the means to litigate on these issues. Our firm is frequently looked upon as an authority on agricultural legal issues that often deal with the economic losses of ranches and farmers.

One way that farmers can lose large amounts of profits is when cattle and other livestock are infected. One of the main causes of this infection is adulterated feed. Feed can easily become contaminated if distributors fail to manufacture and store it properly. Feed can become contaminated by way of bacteria and other types of chemicals. This can result in a number of different diseases that can decrease milk production, cause serious birth defects and decrease fertility in animals. Cattle and livestock can also be harmed by defective vaccines. Although farmers use vaccines in order to prevent their livestock from contracting these illnesses, sometimes the vaccines actually cause new diseases that severely maim and even kill the animals.

Injuries and accidents that take place on farms may also result in serious financial losses. Farming equipment is by its very nature dangerous, but sometimes injuries and fatalities are caused because the equipment was defective. In order to make sure that you don't get liability wrongfully shifted onto you, it would be wise to hire an attorney from our firm. Serious accidents involving agricultural equipment can result in costly injury claims and increased insurance rates. If an accident like this took place on your property but was the result of someone else's negligence or liability, then we can investigate.

Domina Law Group fights to recover your losses!

We have won many landmark cases so that our clients can recover their financial losses. Our firm was able to win a $1.26 billion verdict for their clients, Nebraska cattlemen, against the nation's largest slaughter house, Tyson Fresh Meats, Inc. We were able to prove to the court that Tyson had manipulated the market by participating in anti-competitive conduct that had caused these Nebraska cattlemen to suffer serious financial losses. We have been successful in dealing with real estate and breach of contract issues in which landowners suffered financial harm because of defaulting on payments. Also, we have successfully stood up in court against cattle Ponzi schemes and other types of agricultural fraud that resulted in huge investor losses. Many of these were multi-million dollar verdicts.

Our firm is passionate about trial by jury because it gives small farms and independent farmers a chance against larger corporations. As you can see from just a few of our case results, our firm has the experience that you need if you are suffering significant financial losses. If you became the victim of negligence or were otherwise wronged, then we would like to speak with you. The success that our firm has had in the agricultural litigation field is unmatched. Going to trial is the specialty of our firm. We never back down because we know our clients' futures depend on it. You can trust our firm's experience, case results and expansive knowledge of the agricultural industry when it comes to fighting for you. To learn more about how you may be able to recover your losses, contact us today!

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