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Equipment Injuries

Accidents Caused by Farming Machinery

Like any industry, the agricultural industry requires specialized machinery in order to operate. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the strenuous physical labor required by these workers combined with the complex machinery that is used, their work environment is hazardous. Workers must be constantly alert on the job, but even when they are, serious injury can befall them. One of the most commonly-used pieces of equipment on farms is the tractor- tractor rollovers being a major cause of farm tractor accidents. Sometimes, tractor rollover is the cause of defective equipment design.

An estimated 500 to 600 individuals are killed in these types of accidents each year and according to the Department of Labor, tractor accidents cause more fatalities on farms than any other factor. Tractor accidents can also be caused by something called power take off (PTO) which causes entanglement in the machine's moving parts. Any loose item can become caught in the tractor which typically results in severe injuries and death. Tractors must come fully-equipped with PTO guard shafts and proper warnings. If they do not, this could be a type of product defect worthy of litigation.

Another piece of equipment commonly seen on farms is the skid-steer loader. This machine is powered by an engine and comes equipped with arms that can be outfitted with a number of different attachments, all to accomplish a different purpose. The machine got its name because in order to turn, it skids. One particular type of attachment that the skid-steer loader can be outfitted with is the auger, which is a drilling bit that can be used to break up soil or dig holes in the sediment. Workers can actually become stuck in augers due to the revolving shafts of the machine. Again, just as is the case with PTO, there must be a protective screen in place to protect workers from the moving parts of the auger shaft.

When the guards to various farming machinery are broken or become damaged, workers will likely set them aside and continue to operate the equipment without them. This can be exceedingly dangerous. Farm equipment manufacturers, although they know the risks of operating machinery without guards, typically do not manufacture their equipment in such a way that the equipment doesn't work without the guard. Machines that automatically stop operating without the guard in place are exceedingly safer than those that do not.

Another unfortunate scenario on farms is asphyxiation in grain bins. Last year, the Chicago Tribune recorded that grain bin deaths in the State of Illinois had hit a record high of five deaths that year and ten total accidents. They also led the nation in number of grain bin incidents. What can happen in the case of grain bins is that the grain acts as quicksand that can suck workers to the bottom where lack of oxygen causes them to asphyxiate. There are numerous ways for a worker to become injured on the job, many of which are avoidable.

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