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We've handled hundreds of Farm Injury cases. View our case results. Domina Law Group has over 50 years of unparalleled experience.
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Why Hire Domina Law Group?

Agricultural Trial Experience You Can Trust

Our firm's motto is "Trial Practice. Not Just Talk." What do we mean by this? Our firm is made up of trial lawyers whose depth and breadth of trial knowledge are unmatched. David A. Domina, the firm's founding attorney, is a perfect example of this. Mr. Domina won multi-million dollar jury verdicts before the age of 25, has represented clients in both state and federal courts across the country and has brought more than 300 trials to verdict. He is also the only attorney in the U.S. who has won a civil lawsuit for more than $1 billion. More than two-thirds of the 300+ trials Mr. Domina has handled have dealt with agricultural issues. The firm's specific emphasis on the agricultural industry is what makes our firm uniquely qualified to handle a wide variety of cases ranging from lending and banking to land and zoning issues.

Domina Law Group has more than 50 years of combined experience, but there is much more to our firm than even this. What matters even more than years of experience is what has been accomplished within that time frame. We have been able to win a number of landmark cases, many of them exceedingly complex. We are not afraid of high-profile farming litigation or those cases that may take years to resolve. We thrive on it. These cases have resulted in not only justice for our clients, but have also served to influence others in the agricultural field. Many of our clients have an important perspective that we believe needs to be heard. When we represent a client, our goal is not only their success, but to make sure that their story gets told.

Legal Solutions Customized to Fit Your Needs

Our firm has a unique approach that is unlike any other firm. At Domina Law Group, we do everything from scratch. We understand that no two cases are alike, which is why they will not be treated as such. Every document is drafted from scratch, every detail is taken into consideration and we discipline ourselves so that no case is sloppy. We focus on the details because every detail plays into the end game for our clients and ultimately will be what a successful verdict rests on. Our clients' needs are at the forefront of our minds when we are putting together a case. With unique clients, witnesses and experts involved in every case, you can't afford to have an attorney who offers you a "run of the mill" approach.

Domina Law Group is passionate about trial by jury. This is the constitutional right of every American which gives the little guy just as much of a chance as large corporations. This process is an equalizer, but one that can only be successful with the right attorney. We exist as a firm because we are passionate about justice for those who have become disadvantaged and wronged. You not only can have a chance, but a very good chance of success if you hire the right firm to represent you. When our firm represents clients, we do whatever it takes to meet challenges head-on so that they have the best chance of a successful resolution. In order to accomplish this, a firm needs to strike the balance between compassion and aggression. Our firm is a force to be reckoned with, but our compassion for our clients is what drives us. If you're faced with an agricultural legal issue and are looking for representation, contact us. Would you want to risk hiring a firm who offers you less?

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